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Youtube/Instagram/Facebook neon with etching effect

Youtube/Instagram/Facebook neon with etching effect

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  • Social Media Inspired Sign: Elevate your space with a unique neon plus etching effect sign featuring the iconic logos of Instagram and Facebook, designed to add a trendy and modern touch to your decor.
  • Dual Social Media Design: Showcasing the distinctive logos of Instagram and Facebook in a blend of neon lights and etched details, this sign offers a stylish representation of popular social media platforms.
  • Eye-Catching Visual Appeal: The combination of glowing neon lights and finely detailed etching creates a striking visual contrast that draws attention and adds a contemporary flair to any room.
  • Versatile Display: With a stand included, this neon sign can be easily placed on desks, shelves, or any flat surface, making it a convenient and portable decor piece for your home or office.
  • Social Media Enthusiast's Delight: Perfect for social media enthusiasts, influencers, or anyone looking to showcase their love for Instagram and Facebook, this sign adds a touch of digital charm to your space.
  • 5x14 inches


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